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Our students and parents agree that UM's Global Academy offers the best online schooling experience out there!

About the UMGA Experience

I continue to be impressed with the high level of communication and professionalism from the staff and teachers at UMGA. Mrs. Jane M. (UMGA Parent)
I am so impressed with the program's level of organization.Mrs. Linda P. (UMGA Parent)
I am so impressed with how prompt, efficient, and kind you all are.

Thank you for all the time and knowledge you shared with Barrett during his two courses this summer. The experience was extremely positive and much of that was due to you. Mrs. Diana S. (UMGA Parent)
This was one of the best educational experiences I had. I really enjoyed the course itself and working with you as well. I can't thank you enough for all the help and instruction you gave me. I really hope I can take another AP English class in the future. Suyapa G. (UMGA Student)

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I am very happy with the program. He gets the one to one attention and no distractions. Mrs. Kim C. (UMGA Summer Parent)
Honestly I think that this online school is the best experience I could have ever asked for. Jade M. (UMGA Graduate)
Thank you very much for teaching me! The course was great and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s in a situation like me. Evan H. (UMGA Summer Student)
I am really glad I took this course. I learned a lot and was able to boost confidence going into college. Stephen S. (UMGA Student)
We received the graduation photos today. They were great! Thank you very much for your efforts on this and for giving Jade a wonderful high school experience. Mr. Dale M. (UMGA Parent)
You did a superb job, and the course was excellent. Emily learned so much, and it propelled her to Valedictorian and she gleaned her Science Fair project and subsequent win from the course material. It was just overall a grand experience. I still hope she may do more with UM in the future. Mrs. Susan A. (UMGA Parent)
This is seriously the best online school what I have seen so far!

Thank you for being so helpful and making physics fun for me. I never thought I would actually understand and like physics. Signe L. (UMGA Student)
I have never been happier with a school… the teachers, the curriculum, the support, the caring nature….just everything. Mrs. Julie M. (UMGA Parent)

About our Faculty

Our faculty is the most important part of the UMGA learning experience. Your child will receive superior individualized instruction, but don't take our word for it, see what our students and parents are saying!

Mr. Green, you were amazing to spend the time on Skype this afternoon while Caroline finished her exam. This is just another example of the wonderful personal attention and strong relationship between student and teacher at UMGA. We feel so much closer to each of you at UMGA than we ever did with her past teachers. Mrs. Jane M. (UMGA Parent)
Thank you for all the help you have given me in Physics and Pre-Calc this summer. I have learned a lot, and understand the 2 classes much more after taking them with you. Thank you for working with me to help find out the answers to all the questions I asked you. Also, thanks for working with me and extending some time for the work when I had my hospitalization. You are a great teacher and have taught me a lot, thanks for all you time and help you have given me through these classes. Jordan H. (UMGA Summer Student)
I love the way you provide Jordan constant feedback, both good and constructive criticism. You are a marvelous teacher! Mrs. Janet H. (UMGA Parent)
Mrs. Pavlakos, thank you for dedicating your time to teach me and supervise my learning over the last 3 weeks. It means a lot to me that you were such an active part in the learning experience even though it's an online course. I enjoyed being one of your World History students very much and I came out learning so much about the history of the world. I now have a greater knowledge of the direction of history from the start of civilization to modern times and what events lead to how we live today. While at school, every year we start at a random point in history but don't finish all the way through. So I am well ahead of my classmates in school. Shamae B. (UMGA Student)