Avada includes 3 different styles of recent work shortcodes that allow you to display your portfolio posts on any page you wish. Use a carousel, grid, or grid with excerpts. All styles can specify a certain category and number of posts. Both the grid and grid with excerpts can also use 1-4 columns and show filters.

Recent Work Carousel

Recent Work Grid

Recent Work Grid With Filters

Recent Work Grid With Excerpts

Ashley Cooke, UMGA Class of 2015

Ashley Cooke, Class of 2015

Tell me a little bit about your background.

I was originally […]

Alison Bowman, UMGA Class of 2016

Alison Bowman, Class of 2014
One of the University of Miami Global Academy’s exceptional students […]

Jacqueline Riverol-Sainz, UMGA Class of 2014

Jacqueline Riverol-Sainz, Class of 2014
Growing up in the musical city of Miami, Jacqueline Riverol-Sainz […]

Recent Work Grid With Excerpts And Filters

Features and Customizations

  • 3 design styles; carousel, grid, grid with excerpts
  • Use filters and set 1-4 column width with grid and grid with excerpt style
  • Specify the number of posts, and the category for all styles
  • Unlimited use per page