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Ashley Cooke, UMGA Class of 2015

Ashley Cooke, Class of 2015

Tell me a little bit about your background.

I was originally born in Wisconsin, moved to California around the age of 8, and ever since then my sister and I have been on the go. We started singing since we could talk basically and between performing, recording, rehearsing, and making room […]

Alison Bowman, UMGA Class of 2016

Alison Bowman, Class of 2014
One of the University of Miami Global Academy’s exceptional students picked up a surfboard at 10 years of age, after her older sister began competing. She hasn’t let it go since.

Alison Bowman, 16, is currently a junior at UMGA, a fully-accredited online high school.  She runs three miles, surfs, and […]

Jacqueline Riverol-Sainz, UMGA Class of 2014

Jacqueline Riverol-Sainz, Class of 2014
Growing up in the musical city of Miami, Jacqueline Riverol-Sainz started her adventure with dance when she was only a toddler and kept moving to to the rhythms of ballet, jazz, and contemporary for the next eight years. In-between the sways, Jacqueline had also developed a passion for horseback riding, […]

Jennifer Cooke, UMGA Class of 2014

Jennifer Cooke, Class of 2014
Born in Wisconsin, sisters Jenny and Ashley are rising teen singers in the country and pop music world.

Older sister Jenny began her career with modeling, appearing in several Kohl’s ads and posters and even landing the cover spot on the Kohl’s catalog. She later dabbled in acting, with stints in several […]

Storm Hewitt, UMGA Class of 2014

 Storm Hewitt, Class of 2014
Although Storm Hewitt has lived in about a dozen places around the world, including Bangladesh, Indonesia, Argentina, and Columbia, one location has remained consistent throughout his life—the swimming pool. Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Storm learned to swim his first backstroke at the age of 7 and began competing at 13. […]

Yasmine Xantos, UMGA Class of 2013

Yasmine Xantos, Class of 2014

 Tell me a little bit about your background (childhood, where you come from, interests, when did you start playing tennis, when did you start competing)

I am Yasmine Xantos, a left-handed tennis player from the Gold Coast, Australia, but I have been studying in the USA from grade 9 to date. […]