Project Description

 Storm Hewitt, Class of 2014

Although Storm Hewitt has lived in about a dozen places around the world, including Bangladesh, Indonesia, Argentina, and Columbia, one location has remained consistent throughout his life—the swimming pool. Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Storm learned to swim his first backstroke at the age of 7 and began competing at 13. In 2009, he won a national gold medal for his age group (13-14) and was selected to the National Argentinean team shortly afterward. Now 18 years old, Storm has already set multiple records in Colombia for 2012 and 2013, earned two bronze medals representing Columbia in the Junior South American tournament, and was recently awarded a swimming scholarship at Florida State University.

The chance to claim his athletic dream came with a lifestyle which is unusual for a high school student; between daily trainings and traveling for tournaments, Storm needed a flexible and personalized learning environment with significant focus on academics instead of socializing.

“I feel like traditional schools waste so much time on fillers and in-class interruptions,” said Hewitt when comparing online classrooms to their traditional counterparts, “whereas the virtual system allows you to get the most out of your invested time and effort.”

Because Storm strived to balance athletics and academics since early childhood, time-adaptable online learning had always been on the radar of the Hewitt family. Following in his brother’s footsteps, Storm joined UMGA in 2012 and has since valued its flexibility and academically supportive environment.

“I recommend UMGA not only to athletes, but to all students whose goals reach beyond the classroom. UMGA supports you in the pursuit of whatever dreams you have by offering the freedom to truly make your schedule yours,”

 said Storm.

When recalling his experience at the Academy, Hewitt also emphasized the importance of personalized education plans—being able to work ahead before traveling to competitions, and catching up on his own time upon returning.

Having already earned a spot on a Division 1 college team, Storm is now determined to swim his way into the 2016 Olympics. As this 2014 graduate heads off to Florida State University, UMGA is proud to have been one of the stepping stones in his successful athletic and academic career.