Project Description

Jacqueline Riverol-Sainz, Class of 2014

Growing up in the musical city of Miami, Jacqueline Riverol-Sainz started her adventure with dance when she was only a toddler and kept moving to to the rhythms of ballet, jazz, and contemporary for the next eight years. In-between the sways, Jacqueline had also developed a passion for horseback riding, which eventually won over her heart. Realizing she had to apply herself entirely to one of the disciplines in order to be successful in either of them, 10-year old Jackie replaced her dance shoes with riding boots and began competing as an equestrian.

When scheduling conflicts made attending traditional school a challenge, the Riverol-Sainz family began looking for alternative options in the online learning space. The flexibility of a virtual classroom not only worked with the young equestrian’s active schedule, but also taught her responsibility and the art of pacing herself academically.

“I liked the freedom that online schools give you”, said Jacqueline. “I also think you can apply the independent studying format later on in college, as it teaches you time management.”

Since the hope of becoming an athlete had never obscured Jackie’s scholastic ambitions, she sought a college preparatory program which integrates the flexibility of online education with the quality of a renowned school. UMGA turned out to be the perfect fit.

“I joined UMGA because it has higher educational standards and is more academically challenging than the online school that I attended in the past”, said Jacqueline. “ It also caught my attention because the University of Miami was my college of choice, and I thought UMGA would be a great start.”

With her college future in mind, Jackie has taken many of the Advanced Placement (AP) classes offered by the program. She also participated in the University of Miami Summer Scholars program, which allowed her to experience campus life and earn six college credits.

“Without a doubt, AP psychology was the most interesting class—I’ve learned so much! I feel that it has prepared me for college and helped me realize what I want to pursue in college.”

Thanks to her academic diligence and activism, Jacqueline also became the president of the National Honors Society for the UMGA chapter.

Starting in the fall of 2014, Riverol-Sainz will be taking her first steps as a Florida International University chemistry major. After graduating college, Jackie plans to attend the University of Miami Medical School to become a forensic pathologist.