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Below are some frequently asked questions of parents, to assist you in better understanding both online learning and the University of Miami Global Academy.

How does online learning work?

At UMGA, our approach to online learning is as unique as our students. We start by recognizing each student as an individual. We purposely shun mass-produced learning stylized after 19th and 20th century factory models that started with the same measure of raw material and outputted the same finished product. Instead we acknowledge and celebrate students’ individual abilities, talents, and interests and create a learning environment that is engaging and allows them to thrive. UMGA’s 21st century learning model melds the highest quality teaching with engaging curriculum and opportunities for students to interact and share with classmates from around the country and around the world.

Next, we ensure an adequate use of technology to aid the learning process, not overshadow it. UMGA does not view its use of technology as the focus of learning. Rather, it sees technology as a pathway, or conduit, that grows learning communities regardless of time or space. That is how online learning works at UMGA.

Do teachers teach these courses?

Yes, all UMGA courses are taught by certified teachers who care about the success of each student.

Does my child have to be online at a particular time of day?

For the most part, no. However, UMGA teachers are live and available throughout the day. UMGA is most concerned with students’ ability to learn and master subjects they enroll in. Therefore, there will be times when students will be asked to demonstrate their mastery of subject matter content in live academic exchanges with teachers.

What type of support is offered to my child?

Your child will have a certified teacher for every UMGA course. The teacher(s) remains in close contact with both you and your child through our telepresence (e.g. phone, email, instant messaging, and video). Teachers have scheduled office hours Monday through Friday. In addition, every student is assigned an Academic Coach who assists students in organizing coursework and overall time management.

Are there extracurricular activities at UMGA?

Yes, there are. To begin with, UMGA firmly believes in educating the whole student. This means we provide a number of opportunities for educational enrichment beyond the classroom. The following list highlights some of our most popular extracurricular activities:

  • National Honor Society
  • Science Club
  • Newspaper Club
  • Travel Club
  • Congressional Award Society
  • Shark Tagging Expedition