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Music 7 (1 Semester)


Course Prerequisites

Music 6

Course Description

Through this online Music Appreciation course, students will be exposed to many diverse activities and will learn a wide variety of musical concepts they can use in their everyday lives. Students will learn foundational skills such as performing, listening, analyzing, and responding to music. Students will develop a sense of self-esteem by accomplishing activities that require higher critical thinking skills especially developed for their grade level. Integrated assignments incorporate other content areas of study, such as science, social studies, and math. The content studied will directly apply to other areas of learning, providing students with an additional enrichment experience they’ll be able to take with them for a lifetime. Quizzes, discussion boards, projects, and performance activities will be assessed weekly to gauge content understanding. After completion of this course, students will have the knowledge to reflect on musical periods and styles, understand music’s role in history, analyze and evaluate music, develop criteria necessary for making critical judgments and informed musical choices, as well as enhance their overall musicianship.