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Student Support Resources

The UMGA approach to online education allows learners to progress at their own pace, at the time of day that works best for them.

For example, if a student does well in math and needs to spend more time in social studies, she can move through her math course quickly and use the rest of her time focusing on social studies. If she performs better in challenging subjects in the afternoon, this is the time of day she can dedicate to social studies.

This example demonstrates a student’s freedom to move through a course independently based on their individual ability, and also shift coursework to portions of the day when they are most alert.

The UMGA approach to online education provides students the unique ability to communicate with teachers via instant messaging, voice, or video.

This effective, multi-pronged approach provides numerous pathways for students to master subject matter.

UMGA students learn in a secure, nurturing, bully-free zone which allows students to focus on their studies and build friendships with classmates from around the world.

Along with communicating with students, UMGA educators are also happy to answer questions and communicate with parents, and UMGA parents are invited to join the Parent Teacher Committee to provide feedback to our education team.