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Credit Hours: 0.5

Course Length: 1 Semester

Course Description

Students in this course will analyze forms of media for the purpose of learning about the tools of manipulation, power of the media, the Internet and related issues, and critical thinking. Media studies will be about empowering students to defend themselves against the manipulation of the media as well as understanding how to utilize the media for the benefit of humanity. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing competencies are integrated throughout students’ learning experiences.

Course Prerequisites


Required Textbook(s) and/or Materials


Course Outline

  1. Why Study the Media?
  2. Media Effects
  3. How People Use the Media
  4. Who Owns the Media?
  5. Introduction to News
  6. What Is Newsworthy?
  7. Objectivity
  8. News Bias
  9. Advertising
  10. Advertising and Persuasion
  11. Advertising, Children, and Teens
  12. Public Relations
  13. Television as a Business
  14. Television and Culture: 1950s
  15. Television and Culture: 1960s and 1980s
  16. Television as Business: Ratings
  17. Television as Business: Minimizing the Risk
  18. The Internet: Introduction
  19. Interpersonal Communication: the Internet
  20. Internet Safety
  1. Movies
  2. Popular Music
  3. Magazines: Introduction
  4. Magazines: Money
  5. Violence in the Media: Behavior
  6. Violence in the Media: Attitudes
  7. Violence in the Media: Exaggerated
  8. Video Game Violence
  9. Gender Roles
  10. Objectification
  11. Body Image and the Media
  12. Homosexuality and the Media
  13. Minorities in the Media
  14. African American Stereotypes in the Media
  15. Other Minority Representations in the Media
  16. Religious Minorities in the Media
  17. Televised Political Ads
  18. Media Coverage of Wars
  19. Media Coverage of Disasters
  20. Media Coverage of September 11