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Mandarin Chinese 1Download PDF

Credit Hours: 1.0

Course Length: 2 Semesters

Course Description

This is a beginning level course which will introduce the student to a variety of areas of Mandarin Chinese (simplified). In this course, the student will learn listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through activities based on pedagogically proven methods of foreign language instruction. Grammar is introduced and practiced in innovative and interesting ways with a variety of learning styles in mind. Culture is sprinkled throughout the course in an attempt to help the learner focus on the Chinese-speaking world and their culture, people, geographical locations, and histories. The course is aligned to national Foreign Language standards.

Course Prerequisites


Required Textbook(s) and/or Materials

Mandarin Chinese-English Dictionary

Course Outline

Semester 1:

  1. Learn how to write in Chinese
  2. Learn how to type Chinese characters
  3. Learn the Chinese phonological system-Pinyin: initials, finals and tones
  4. Introduce yourself to someone and ask their name
  5. Ask how someone is
  6. Ask where someone lives
  7. Talk about the day of the week
  8. Learn the numbers 0-31
  9. Talk about the date


  1. Talk about the weather and seasons
  2. Express possession
  3. Learn some verbs
  4. Talk about what you wear in various situations
  5. Learn colors
  6. Talk about places in a town
  7. Talk about things to do in school
  8. Talk about things you do at different places in a town
  9. Manipulate some verbs
Semester 2:

  1. Describe where things are in relation to other things in your town
  2. Talk about things you do, like to do, need to do, want to do or have to do
  3. Learn choices in questions
  4. Learn how to express present and past tense in Chinese
  5. Talk about your family members
  6. Talk about your family members birthdays and ages
  7. Review dates and numbers
  8. Talk about foods, beverages, and meals
  9. Learn to order food and converse in a restaurant


  1. Learn about dining habits in the Chinese speaking world
  2. Talk about sports and leisure time activities in the China.
  3. Learn how to talk about what you like to do.
  4. Learn how to invite other people.
  5. Learn how to accept and refuse an invitation.
  6. Talk about schools and school activities in China
  7. Learn to talk about your school day in more detail
  8. Learn to talk about your house
  9. Learn to talk about chores and responsibilities you have at home