Life Management SkillsDownload PDF

Credit Hours: 0.5

Course Length: 1 Semester

Course Description

This course concentrates on total health by focusing on physical and mental health areas that include: physical development, mental and emotional stress, relationships, substance awareness, social disease awareness, and personal safety. The purpose of this course is to develop and enhance critical life management skills necessary to make sound decisions and take positive actions for healthy and effective living.

Course Prerequisites


Required Textbook(s) and/or Materials


Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Life Skills
  2. How Skilled Should You Be?
  3. Thinking About Yourself
  4. Defining Your Character
  5. Setting Your Goals
  6. Making Plans
  7. Thinking for Yourself: Introduction
  8. Making Decisions
  9. Evaluating Messages
  10. Solving Problems
  11. Taking Care of Yourself
  12. Eating Well
  13. Staying Well
  14. Staying Safe
  15. Smoking and Second-Hand Smoke
  1. Just Say No to Alcohol and Drugs
  2. Caring for Your Relationships
  3. Communicating Skillfully
  4. Being Part of a Team
  5. Conflict Resolution
  6. Stand Up
  7. Identifying Your Interests
  8. Learning Skills
  9. Volunteer Your Time
  10. Part-Time Work
  11. Caring for Your World
  12. Caring About Your Country
  13. Good Citizenship
  14. Environmental Awareness
  15. Caring for Your Planet