Graduation Requirements

In order to receive a UMGA diploma, students are required to complete coursework to accrue 24 credits in the following manner for the 2014-15 academic year:

Course Number of credits
Language Arts 4 credits
Mathematics 4 credits
Science 3 credits
Social Studies 3 credits
Foreign Language 2 credits
Physical Education 1 credit
Fine Arts or Practical Arts Elective 1 credit
Elective 6 credits
Total Credits 24 credits 
Additionally, students are promoted —based on appropriate coursework—to the next high school grade level based on successful completion of the course loads below:

Grade Number of Credits
9th Grade 6 Credits
10th Grade 7-12 Credits
11th Grade 13-18 Credits

Students desiring to transfer credit into UMGA and graduate with a University of Miami Global Academy high school diploma are required to successfully complete a minimum of six (6) credits during their senior year at UMGA.