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In order to be a part of the University of Miami family, you must create a unique Cane ID that will allow you to access UM's system's

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Once you have created your CaneID, you are ready to fill out the UMGA online application and pay the application fee.

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Once you have paid the application fee, you will be contacted by UMGA to help you complete the enrollment process.

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If you are a student new to UMGA, the first part of applying to our online high school or middle school is creating a student account.

If you have created an account with UMGA at any time in the past, you DO NOT need to go through this process again. You only need to complete the CaneID process once. If you have having trouble accessing your account or forgot your CaneID, please Do Not create another one. You can recover your password by answering your security questions on the Forgot Password page.

What is a CaneID?

CaneID is a username/password authentication process that provides access to multiple University systems/services via use of one username/password. Your CaneID Password safeguards your access privileges on many UM systems and should be known only to you. /p>

Your UMID or "C-Number" (C#) is your unique identifier that is used throughout University of Miami's systems to access your information.Your UMID will consist of the letter "C" followed by 9 digits (ex. C012345678)

If you have any problems creating your CaneID, or with your CaneID after the fact, you can contact UM CaneID support at 305-284-6565 (option 1).

  1. Navigate to the CaneID Creation Page

    You will create a CaneID using the CaneID Authentication System.

    Click the button below to navigate to the CaneID creation page

    Create a CaneID

    After creating your CaneID you will not be redirected back, so you will complete this process in a new window/tab.

  2. Enter Your Social Security Number and Date of Birth.

  3. Fill In All Required Fields

  4. Choose Your CaneID

  5. Choose Your Password

  6. Choose Your Security Question

  7. Record Your UMID (C#) and Your CaneID


    You will need to recall your UMID (C#) to complete your online application and during your enrollment process so make sure to have it readily available


  1. Access the Application Using the Button Below

    Complete the UMGA Application

  2. Fill In All of the Required Fields

    To expedite your enrollment, while you are filling out your application, please include the following in the “Notes ” area of the “Basic Information” section:
    1. Courses you are interested in taking
    2. Dates on which you would like to start each courses

  3. Pay the Application Fee

    Once you complete your application you will be asked to pay the $90 application fee. No action will be taken on the application until the fee is paid. This fee is non-refundable.

    You have an option of paying the fee online with a Credit Card or an E-Check.

    If you do not pay the application fee at the time of submission, you will need to log into UMGA's Student/Parent Portal System using the student CaneID & password created in step (1). You DO NOT need to complete the application again.

  4. Talk With an Admissions Counselor

    Once you have paid the application fee and your application has been processed, you will be contacted by one of our admissions counselors to discuss and confirm:

    • The courses you are interested in taking
    • The dates on which you would like to start your courses
    • Whether you plan to be a Full Time or Part Time student

    Once you have talked with your admissions counselor, you can begin the enrollment process. The process varies depending on whether you are a Part Time or Full Time student, so it's important to make sure you are following the process that corresponds to your status.

  5. Submit Additional Documentation (Full Time Students Only)

    Full-Time Students

    UMGA requires full-time students to provide a few additional documents before enrolling in their courses.

    Transcript and Recommendations

    If you are attending UMGA full time, you will need to provide an official transcript. You can provide the transcript to UMGA by:

    • Faxing the completed form to (305) 284-6629
    • Emailing a copy of the completed form to globalacademy@miami.edu
    • Mailing the completed form to:

      University of Miami Global Academy
      5050 Brunson Drive, 111 Allen Hall, Room 201
      Coral Gables, FL 33124

    Additionally, you MAY be asked to provide letters of recommendation. If you are, these letters can be submitted the same way.


  1. Application Decision

    After you have completed your application, UMGA will process and review your application within 1-3 business days. You will then be contacted via email to inform you of the final decision.

  2. Confirm Your Course Plan (Full Time Students Only)

    After being accepted, UMGA will carefully review your transcript and create a potential course plan for you. At this point, you will be able to make any necessary adjustments to your schedule.

  3. Pay Your Tuition

    Once you have chosen your courses, you will then need to complete the tuition requirements.

    You can pay your tuition by logging into the Student/Parent portal and selecting the Finances tab.

    Select the balance for which you are paying from the drop down.

    You can pay tuition with a Credit Card or eCheck.

    If you require any financial assistance, more information can be found on our payment options page.

  4. Complete the Orientation and Begin Your Course

    After you have fulfilled all of your financial requirements, the last step before beginning your schoolwork will be completing your Orientation. Your start date will then be the day after your orientation. Instructions on how to schedule your orientation will be emailed to you.