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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does this school have accreditation?

SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools)

  • Yes, the University of Miami Global Academy is fully accredited by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools).

NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)

  • Yes, the University of Miami Global Academy and its courses in the subject areas of language arts/English, mathematics, science, social science/studies, and world languages have been approved by the NCAA. Click here to read more.


When do classes begin and when is the application deadline?

Full Year courses are offered throughout the year. Students may apply and upon acceptance, begin Full Year courses anytime throughout the year.

Summer School courses are offered during the summer months. Students may begin Summer School courses between May and July. Contact UMGA Admissions office for details.

What is the application process?

For a complete, step-by-step walk-through of our admissions process:

Follow our Application Process Guide

When will students be notified of acceptance?

Accepted student(s) receive an official letter of acceptance via U.S. mail and email. The contents of the acceptance package include:

  • Information on how to log on to the online portal using your assigned username and password.
  • Individualized academic plan based on the evaluation of the student's transcript. (This informs students of remaining courses required for graduation)


What is the cost of the program?

Costs vary for Middle School and High School courses. For a complete list of credit costs and associated fees, visit the link for each school below:


Is there a guidance counselor available?

Yes, guidance counselors are available to speak with students about course scheduling. To schedule an appointment contact us at GlobalAcademy@miami.edu or call (305) 284-2980.


What is the number of credits needed for graduation?

Students must meet the 24-credit requirement of the State of Florida in order to receive a University of Miami high school diploma. For more information on curriculum, visit our Graduation Requirements page.

How much time (study/completing assignments) should the student expect to dedicate each week for the course?

It depends on subject matter and students' devotion to mastering course materials. Students may average 8hrs a week completing assignments.

How long are the courses?

Full Year courses last up to 20 weeks for a half credit, and 40 weeks for a full credit; Summer School courses last up to 3 weeks for a half credit, and 6 weeks for a full credit.

When can I speak to a live person?

Our team is available by phone during working hours of:

  • Monday-Thursday 8am-7pm
  • Fridays 8am-5pm (EST)

We generally answers questions via email within 24 hours.

Is there a campus where the parent(s)/student(s) can meet the administration?

Yes, even though our school is virtual we do have a physical address at the University of Miami. Our address is:

University of Miami Global Academy
111 Allen Hall
5050 Brunson Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33124-1610.

Please call (305) 284-2980 or email GlobalAcademy@miami.edu to set up an appointment.


Can parents check on their son/daughter's academic progress?

Parents who wish to learn about a student's academic progress will have access to their son/daughter's classroom progress year round via the Internet. Additionally, parents receive progress reports and report cards. Parents may also schedule telephone or video appointments with their son/daughter's teachers.

Can we prevent cheating?

All students must adhere to the UM Global Academy honor code which strictly prohibits all forms of cheating and plagiarism. Parental involvement with students' academic progress helps to keep students focused on completing courses without the deleterious effects of plagiarism and cheating. Additionally, course work will require critical thinking and project based learning modules that is not easily generated by other students.


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