Entrepreneurship 2         Download PDF 

Credit Hours: 0.5

Course Length: 1 Semester

Course Description

Students build on the business concepts they learned in Introduction to Entrepreneurship I. They learn about sales methods, financing and credit, accounting, pricing, and government regulations. They refine their technology and communication skills in speaking, writing, networking, negotiating, and listening. They enhance their employability skills by preparing job-related documents, developing interviewing skills, and learning about hiring, firing, and managing employees. Students develop a complete business plan and a presentation for potential investors.

Course Prerequisites

Entrepreneurship 1

Required Textbook(s) and/or Materials


Course Outline

Unit 1: Course Overview

  • Start the Course
  • Set Up Your Computer
  • Set Up Browser and Install 7-Zip
  • Find and Complete Coursework

Unit 2: Section 1: Sales

  • Principles of Selling
  • Stages of Selling
  • Selling Opportunities

Unit 3: Section 2: Pricing

  • Variable and Fixed Costs
  • Calculate Your Costs
  • External Pricing Factors
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Career Connection

Unit 4: Section 3: Personal Finance

  • Personal Vision and Goals
  • Banking
  • Investing

Unit 5: Section 4: Credit, Funding, and Risk

  • Establishing Credit
  • Borrowing and Lending
  • Funding a Business
  • Rick Management
  • Career Connection

Unit 6: Section 5: Accounting

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping and Customer Records
  • Financial Reporting

Unit 7: Section 6: Taxes and Laws

  • Taxation
  • Government Laws and Regulations
  • Business Law

Unit 8: Section 7: Culture, Globalization, and Technology

  • Culture and Business
  • Global Trade
  • Technology

Unit 9: Section 8: Workplace Skills

  • Hiring Employees
  • Succeeding in the Workplace
  • Communicating in the Workplace
  • Management and Leadership

Unit 10: Final Assignment