UMGA joins TeenLife LIVE Virtual “Preparing for College” Fair this Sunday (1/31/16) is hosting the first TeenLife Live Virtual “Preparing for College” Fair this Sunday, January 31 from 12-6pm (ET) for high school students and their parents. Be sure to visit our booth! The University of Miami Global Academy (UMGA) will be exhibiting while Dr. Craig Wilson presents at 2 pm to discuss the essentials of Online Learning. […]

Virtual School Students Celebrate Their Achievements at Live Commencement Exercise

The University of Miami Global Academy celebrates its fifth high school graduation. From a country music singer-songwriter, to a professional athlete, to a teenage world traveler who has already seen more of the world than many people four times her age, the three students who received diplomas last Friday at the University of Miami Global […]

UMGA Joins Cold Stone US Grand Nationals and Rotax in Another Exciting Program

Knowing the demands and time constraints that karting and motorsports can put on young drivers and their families, the MAXSpeed Group has partnered with the University of Miami Global Academy online middle school and high school (UMGA). UMGA allows Rotax drivers the freedom to compete and train while receiving a quality education designed for […]

University of Georgia Equestrian team wins the 2014 NCEA National Championship

The Georgia equestrian team brought home the 2014 NCEA national championship when it defeated Southeastern Conference rival South Carolina, breaking an 8-8 tie with higher marks in the raw score (2,323.5-2,219). UMGA Alumni Meg O’Mara, who joined the Georgia squad earlier this year, concluded fences with a 166 jump giving UGA a 3-0 lead. […]

A Virtual Learning Achievement – Congratulations Class of 2014!

Students from countries as far away as Colombia, Spain, and Sweden accepted newly-minted degrees at the University of Miami Global Academy’s fourth high school graduation ceremony.

By Robert C. Jones Jr.
UM News

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (June 06, 2014) — With students hailing from the Bahamas, Colombia, Spain, and Sweden, the University of Miami Global Academy (UMGA) […]