Advanced Placement (AP)Download PDF      US Government

Credit Hours: 0.5

Course Length: 1 Semester

Course Description

This course will survey the complex subjects of U.S. government and politics. Students will analyze in some detail the processes and institutions (both formal and informal) through which the political system functions and policy decisions are made. This analysis will include the Constitutional structure of government, participatory politics, the formal institutions of power, the extra constitutional influences on those institutions, and public policy and individual rights and liberties.

Course Objectives
Explain the American system of government and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses

  1. Read, understand, and interpret primary source documents and contemporary news analyses related to American government and public policy
  2. Analyze and interpret data and other information relevant to U.S. government and politics
  3. Write analytical and interpretive essays demonstrating an understanding of the ideals, institutions, and processes of the American political system

Course Prerequisites

US History and teacher recommendation

Required Textbook(s) and/or Materials

Title: Government in America: People, Politics, and Policy
Edition: 14th
Authors: George C. Edwards, Martin P. Wattenberg, Robert L. Lineberry
Publisher: Longman

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to American Political Culture
  2. The Constitution
  3. Federalism
  4. Civil Liberties
  5. Civil Rights
  6. Public Opinion
  7. Media
  8. Political Parties
  9. Campaigns and Elections
  10. Interest Groups
  1. Congress
  2. The Presidency
  3. The Federal Bureaucracy
  4. The Federal Courts
  5. Economic Policy
  6. Domestic and Social Policy
  7. Foreign and Defense Policy
  8. Preparing for the Exam
  9. The Final Exam