AP Government & Politics

Credit Hours: 1.0

Course Length: 2 Semesters

Course Description

AP® Government and Politics: United States is a college level course designed for highly motivated students who have a strong interest in the area of American government. The course approaches government and politics in the United States from an analytical perspective, and involves both the study of general concepts used to interpret U.S. politics and the analysis of specific case studies. Students should expect assignments of significant required reading each week, as well as required participation in many group discussions and activities as we analyze the Constitution as a document and investigate its use as the foundation of our government. Students will interpret and evaluate documents related to American government and be expected to write well-structured essays.

Course Prerequisites

Technology requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader Microsoft Word or Windows Wordpad Windows Media Player High speed internet connection preferred (for viewing videos)

Required Textbook(s) and/or Materials


Major Concepts

  1. This course will be designed to successfully prepare students for the College Board’s AP Government Exam
  2. This class will provide an understanding of concepts relating to policy and political strategies
  3. This course allows students to develop academic skills required for success in college and post-secondary education