AP Environmental Science

Credit Hours: 1.0

Course Length: 2 Semesters

Course Description

This full year AP® Environmental Science class is equivalent to an introductory, one semester, college level, environmental science class. If you have successfully completed both high school level biology and chemistry, if you are interested in the environment, and if you are looking for a challenge, this course might be for you! Because this is a college level course, be ready to commit time to your study. This course will cover concepts in ecology, geology, sociology, economics, biology, and chemistry, that will further your understanding of how humans can live sustainably. Integrated in the course is a field study component which will improve your observational skills, allow you to develop and conduct well-designed experiments, and provide opportunity to interpret and share your observations, results and conclusions with your classmates. You will be applying concepts learned in the weekly lessons to your local field study, as well as collaborating with your classmates regularly on case studies and local environmental concerns to gain a global perspective on environmental issues. During the second semester you will engage in an independent research project which culminates in a project showcase where you will present your research to your classmates.

Course Prerequisites

One full academic year of both high school-level biology and chemistry. Students will need access to both a scanner and a digital camera to complete assignments for this course. The scanner is needed only occasionally, but the digital camera will be used every couple of weeks.

Required Textbook(s) and/or Materials


Major Concepts

You will learn that:

The earth is composed of interconnected systems governed by the laws of thermodynamics.

Humans alter these systems, creating environmental challenges with cultural and social contexts.

The scientific method is and will be important in providing for the long-term survival of life as well as helping humans develop sustainable systems of living.

There are aspects of current and future environmental science issues that science cannot answer.

Scientists present their research in a unique writing style and you will learn to both read and write scientific reports.

Using the scientific method is both fun and challenging as you conduct your own environmental research project.