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Advanced Social Studies 7 (2 Semesters)


Course Prerequisites

Social Studies 6

Course Description

Students will be taken through the disciplines of world history, landform and geography, money and economics, the powers and parallels of political science, sociology, and anthropology. Through hands-on tutorials and interaction with animation that brings this history to life, students will acquire the skills necessary to study and understand world cultures while examining their unique physical features using state-of-the-art electronic geographic tools. Beginning with the mysteries of the ancient empires of the Americas, students will discover and understand the fall of the Roman Empire, the rise of the Franks in Europe, and uncover the enchanting Kingdom of Ghana. Students will be taken through Revolutionary Europe, then to the Industrial Revolution, nationalism and Imperialism, and on to World Wars I and II. They’ll discover the wonders of Colonial India, become informed about the United Nations as a peacekeeping and political force, study the politics of the war in Vietnam, and learn about past and current issues in the Middle East. Finally, they’ll discover modern Africa and understand its history. The course ends with a broad but compelling introduction to the Information and Space Ages. Advanced Social Studies 7 will focus on historically-shaping periods and current events which differentiate the major cultural regions.  The students will be asked to choose a major historical event and create a chronological timeline of its effects.