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Advanced Science 8 (2 Semesters)


Course Prerequisites

Science 7

Course Description

This course provides a rigorous and comprehensive foundation for the 8th-grade student about to enter high school science. It covers the relevant topics in all the major disciplines, building on prior knowledge and expanding on subjects introduced earlier in middle school. Students begin with a review of the scientific process and get more in-depth with the idea of critical analysis of theories and experimental research. They will move on to discuss principles of physical science and energy. In the life science portion of the course, students will cover structure and function of organisms, genetics, evolution, and tenets of ecology. This will flow into the environmental science topics including earth’s cycles and environmental problems. A brief discussion of the solar system will also be covered. Students will learn about the assigned topics through interactive activities, experimentation, discussion, and engaging text and animations. Graded assignments will be stimulating and thought-provoking, hopefully paving the way for future interest in the scientific disciplines. Synthesis of basic concepts and extended applications to real-life situations will be utilized in advanced science.  Special emphasis will be placed on higher-order problem solving across the scientific disciplines.