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Advanced Science 7 (2 Semesters)


Course Prerequisites

Science 6

Course Description

This course will provide students with enlightenment and instruction on the nature of science using a discovery process to teach the scientific method and the use of metric measurements in scientific investigations. It covers the study of the Universe, stars, constellations, and objects in the Solar System. Movement and pathways of the Earth and Moon are investigated, with natural paths uncovered as students discover just how large the universe really is. Next, students will discover how Earth materials are formed and what they can teach us about Mother Earth’s past as they investigate the natural processes that shape its ecosystem, the landscape, and the creation of different environments on Earth. The course then covers basic concepts of force, motion, and equilibrium. Concepts of human biology are also uncovered, with emphasis on body systems and those amazing functions that contribute to our wellness. Agricultural science and its impact on biotechnology is introduced, along with its affect on human interaction with the earth. Finally, the basics of environmental science are covered and through the use of stunning photography and lively animation, students will interact with endangered species and learn about natural resource use, environmental health, pollution, and biodiversity. Synthesis of basic concepts and extended applications to real-life situations will be utilized in advanced science.  Special emphasis will be placed on higher-order problem solving across the scientific disciplines.