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Advanced Language Arts 8 (2 Semesters)


Course Prerequisites

Language Arts 7

Course Description

Students will learn to read critically with full comprehension across genres and be able to communicate through effective writing. As students develop critical reading and writing skills, they will make important life connections through the variety of material they study. Additionally, students will practice vocabulary, grammar, and listening skills with each weekly lesson. All material will be connected to a universal theme for each unit: Tolerance, Determination, Social Justice, Times of War, Search for Self, and Cultural Traditions. As students encounter a variety of text structures and multimedia, they will be able to see how these different things connect to one large idea and see how these large ideas connect across other content areas being studied. Each student will be required to engage in activities and assessments that require critical thinking skills and that meet rigorous academic expectations. As students complete this course, hopefully they will see the relevance that this course has in their daily life and in their future academic and career goals. The 8th grade Advanced Language Arts course incorporates novel studies (two per semester) into the curriculum using a project-based approach for comprehension assessment.  Advanced students will be expected to present the final project to their teacher at the end of the semester, proving their understanding of the assigned novels and associated literary elements.