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Advanced Language Arts 7 (2 Semesters)


Course Prerequisites

Language Arts 6

Course Description

Through this exciting course, students will engage in an interactive, hands-on array of reading and writing activities designed to enhance and integrate literacy across all content areas – science, social studies, math, art, and more. Students will develop effective communication skills through listening, speaking, and writing via activities designed to strengthen vocabulary, improve grammar, and reinforce reading comprehension through strategy instruction. Students will gain a greater appreciation for literature while recognizing the application of new life-skills through reading and writing activities designed to teach and incorporate fun at the same time. Colorful and interactive activities will motivate and facilitate better reading and writing skills to keep students constantly engaged. Teacher-to students, student-to-self, and peer-to-peer assessments will serve as constant benchmarks that facilitate the higher-order problem-solving and collaborative skills required to meet academic and career expectations for years to come.

The 7th grade Advanced Language Arts course incorporates novel studies (one per semester) into the curriculum using a project-based approach for comprehension assessment.  Advanced students will be expected to present the final project to their teacher at the end of the semester, proving their understanding of the assigned novel and associated literary elements.