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Advanced Language Arts 6 (2 Semesters)


Course Prerequisites


Course Description

The 6th grade Language Arts curriculum integrates literature, vocabulary, writing, and grammar together in a 21st-century setting. The students will be given the opportunity to create blogs (online journals) where they can log and reflect upon their independent reading. They will be asked to engage in discussion forums where they will post their writing for the teacher and other students enrolled in the course to view and respond to. They will also be presented with the possibility of creating a multimedia report rather than a traditional research paper. This course will empower life-long learners who are actively engaged in their own learning and who take ownership of their scholastic endeavors. The 6th grade Advanced Language Arts course incorporates novel studies (one per semester) into the curriculum using a project-based approach for comprehension assessment.  Advanced students will be expected to present the final project to their teacher at the end of the semester, proving their understanding of the assigned novel and associated literary elements.