Achieving Career andDownload PDF College Goals

Credit Hours: 0.5

Course Length: 1 Semester

Course Description

Students explore their options for life after high school and implement plans to achieve their goals. They identify their aptitudes, skills, and preferences, and explore a wide range of potential careers. They investigate the training and education required for the career of their choice, and create a plan to be sure that their work in high school is preparing them for the next step. They also receive practical experience in essential skills such as searching and applying for college, securing financial aid, writing a resume and cover letter, and interviewing for a job. This course is geared toward 11th and 12th graders.

Course Prerequisites


Required Textbook(s) and/or Materials


Course Outline

Unit 1: Telling Others Who You Are

  • Introduction
  • Who Are You? Part 1
  • Who Are You? Part 2
  • What Are Your Career Interests?
  • Describing Yourself

Unit 2: Exploring Careers

  • Finding Careers That Fit
  • Investigating Job Characteristics

Unit 3: Exploring College and Other Options

  • Exploring Education and Training Options
  • College: Finding a Good Fit
  • Searching for a College
  • Considering Other Options

Unit 4: Making a Plan

  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Setting Your Goals
  • Staying on Track

Unit 5: Getting into College

  • Applying to College, Part 1
  • Applying to College, Part 2
  • Applying to College, Part 3
  • Applying to College, Part 4
  • Paying for College
  • Going to College

Unit 6: Finding and Keeping a Job

  • Topic 1 – Physical Readiness
  • Topic 2 – Psychological and Social Readiness
  • Topic 3 – Handling Social Pressure
  • Topic 4 – Vehicle Readiness
  • Topic 5 – Partners in Safety: Introduction

Unit 7: Final Project