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Benefits of attending the UM Global Academy

Convenient Scheduling & Credit Transfer

Our online environment allows families and students who travel throughout the year to receive a world class education without problems associated with moving from campus to campus during traditional semesters. Successfully completing online courses from the UM Global Academy eliminates the difficulties students face when trying to transfer half credits, quarter credits and trimesters during the traditional school year. In contrast to a traditional high school, you can enjoy the flexibility of an online environment to take individual courses or full time class loads when they fit into your schedule, not when you fit into a school's schedule.


UM Global Academy students are encouraged to contribute to their local community via volunteering activities, internships or local projects. Our full time students commit to participate in at least one local community-based "service learning" project during their high school career.

Join us at UM Global Academy ... where we LEARN, LIVE, GIVE.

International Classmates

Each online classroom experience is designed to foster the development of academically-based friendships. Online classrooms allow you to work with your international peers, creating a truly global learning experience. In addition, our online newspaper features stories and articles contributed by classmates from all over the globe, enabling you to interact across cultures and share in student life from a global perspective.

UMGA students hail from over 20 countries outside the United States including Argentina, Australia, Bermuda, Bahamas, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Mexico, Monaco, Panama, Poland, Qatar, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and Venezuela.

Service Learning

Service to our community is very important and is part of the UMGA experience. Full time students complete "Service Learning" projects that allow them to give back to their local community. Part time students while not required to complete a service project, are given opportunities to help their communities, too. For example, students in Florida may volunteer to help the Humane Society; students in Hong Kong may volunteer to teach English to young children.

Enrollment Options

The UM Global Academy is offering a variety of choices for student enrollment:

  • Students can enroll for individual classes.
  • Students can enroll part time and take up to three (3) classes.
  • Full time UM Global Academy students can take up to six (6) classes.

Individualized Instruction

Our team of highly qualified and certified teachers is ready to meet your individual educational needs. You may choose to attend full-time and graduate from the University of Miami Global Academy. Or, if you choose to attend on a part-time basis, individual courses can be taken to supplement your schedule at your local school.

You can work with your school counselor to select a course not offered at your local school, take the course at UMGA, then transfer credit(s) back to your local school upon successful completion of the course(s) taken at UMGA.

Personal Academic Coach

  • Students will have an assigned personal academic coach that addresses their personal and educational needs within a reasonable period of time.
  • Students have the responsibility to keep scheduled appointments in a timely manner and to respect the rights of others in accessing the personal academic coach.
  • Students have the responsibility to use these services for their educational, career, and personal development.