Payment Options

Part-time students must submit the complete payment for course(s) prior to beginning the course(s). Full-time students have various options for payment.

Payment options are as follows:

  • Payment Plan:This option is for full-time students taking 4 credits or more. Total tuition is divided into monthly payments and the final payment must be paid by May 15th.
    • Payment Schedule: Payments are due on a monthly basis by the 1st or the 15th of the month. If payment is not received by the date in which it is due, UMGA has the right to remove a student’s access to courses, until the payment has been made.
    • A $15 payment plan service charge will be added to the monthly tuition
  • Your Tuition Soluions: This is an educational loan company that provides loan options for families. Families interested in this solution must apply directly through the company. There is a minimum tuition requirement of $5300 in order to apply for a loan. To learn more, visit the Your Tuition Solution website. You can also calculate payments or apply online.
  • Payment by course: Parents may pay for students’ courses in full or one semester at a time.