Welcome to the University of Miami Global Academy

University of Miami Global Academy is an online middle and high school which allows students to pursue their passions while also earning a first-rate education. By incorporating our university’s highest quality standards, we’ve developed an online classroom containing all the elements parents expect from a college preparatory school. Small class sizes and extensive student-teacher interaction both contribute to the ongoing success rate of the program, while cutting-edge online learning technologies enable our teachers to reach and educate students on a global level. In addition, every full-time student is assigned an academic coach and a college advisor who will assist them with their specific educational needs. Learn more
Advanced Placement® tests are a great way for high school students to receive college credit while still in high school. We offer a broad, comprehensive range of online AP® courses to prepare students for taking their AP exams. All UMGA AP® courses have been authorized by the College Board. View courses 
According to The College Board, Honors classes often cover the same curriculum as regular classes while providing a more challenging academic experience for students with higher goals. We offer more than 20 core and elective Honors courses which explore additional topics and examine the material in greater depth than regular classes. View courses
High school students pursuing a UMGA diploma are also eligible to earn college credits through the University of Miami’s online courses. Learn more


Fall 2016 Course Start Dates 

  • Fall Start Dates

Fall Start Dates

  • September 6th, 2016

The University of Miami Global Academy (UMGA) is pleased to announce six course start dates this spring for you to enroll. Don’t delay! Take charge of your future and […]

New Course Update 

  • The Middle School Program at UMGA

The Middle School Program at UMGA

  • January 7th, 2016

At the University of Miami Global Academy (UMGA) we combine the benefits of a traditional private school with the flexibility of self-paced distance learning. We are an accredited online […]

Alumni Spotlight

“My experience was fantastic, I couldn’t say enough … every instructor I’ve met with at UMGA was incredible.”
Nicole Monteleone, UMGA Student, Class of 2013
“I continue to be impressed with the high level of communication and professionalism from the staff and teachers at UMGA. ”
Mrs. Jane M., UMGA Parent


How Does Online Learning Work?

Go at your own pace
The UMGA approach to online education allows learners to progress at their own pace, at the time of day that works best for them. For example, if Susan does well in math and needs to spend more time on social studies, she can move through her math course quickly and use the rest of her time focusing on social studies. Furthermore, if she performs better in challenging subjects in the afternoon, she can dedicate those hours to social studies. This example demonstrates a student’s freedom to move through a course independently based on their individual ability and also shift coursework to portions of the day when they are most alert.
Highly interactive instruction
Global learning
Supportive environment